Our Company Values

We seek to develop long-term relationships and our goal is to provide the most advanced cost-effective financial planning for individuals while building relationships through the delivery of unbiased financial strategies.

Malarik Financial Services works with a select group of individuals and families near or in retirement.

We are home of the Life by Design Formula™ developing your lifestyle and financial goals, organizes your current investments and develops a plan to help you meet your goals. The process and playbook will help you deal with any circumstance that you face from the time we meet throughout the rest of your life.

Jack Malarik

President, Malarik Financial Services

I have been a practicing financial advisor since the early 1980s. Most of my career has been focused on clients in or approaching retirement.

One of the cornerstones of my business is family. I take special care with my clients on family issues related to asset and estate planning. Whether dealing with asset protection from long-term health care costs or for special-needs children, we work with family members during every step of the planning process.

I take special pride in coaching clients to do all the things they’ve ever wanted, while maintaining a secure financial future. This may be to spend the winter in a warm climate, take the entire family to a paradise destination, or finally buy that classic car.

In my personal life, I volunteer my time and talents to various Cleveland organizations. This includes being the Chairman of the Finance Council for St. Justin Martyr Parish in Eastlake, Ohio, where I reside with my wife and three children. In my free time, I still play baseball in an age 48 and over men’s league.

What to Expect

We provide comprehensive financial planning in the context of a long-term partnership with you. Through our experience we have learned it is important that everyone is clear on what to expect if we are to develop and maintain a successful working relationship – one where I can help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

I will always:

  • Strive to acquire and maintain a thorough understanding of your financial goals.
  • Update your current financial information on a regular basis.
  • Carefully assess and monitor your investment risk and time frame.
  • Explain the implications of all recommended financial planning strategies and gladly answer any questions.
  • Update you as and when appropriate by email, mail and phone.
  • Meet with you regularly to review your Personal Financial Organizer (PFO).
  • Act as your primary Financial Advisor, coordinating the efforts of other related professionals as and when required.
  • Treat you with utmost respect and professionalism.

I’ve learned through experience that effective communication and mutual respect are essential to a long-term partnership.

  • A few other criteria which help define our success include:
  • Your commitment to me as your Financial Advisor
  • Your trust in my abilities to provide you with recommendations and advice
  • Your complete disclosure about what matters to you most

I need you to know that my recommendations are always based on helping you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. It is important you understand that all investment, tax, estate and insurance advice will be based on the information you provide to me. Therefore, in order for me to offer recommendations and advice best suited to you, I need you to fully participate in the financial planning process with me.

Having a solid partnership is essential to effective financial planning. To this end, we both need to make your financial strategies a priority. We will agree to keep each other informed of any new developments that might affect these strategies. And we will agree to take the time to regularly review your Personal Financial Policy Statement.

We are powered by the Life by Design Formula. This process develops your lifestyle and financial goals, organizes your current investments and develops a plan to help you meet your goals. The Life by Design Formula will help you deal with any circumstance that you face from the time we meet throughout the rest of your life.

Our Process


We meet to learn about each other. I share my experience and planning philosophies. You share your personal situation including financial and lifestyle goals. We then determine if there is value to each of us moving forward.


We will provide you with an analysis of your position in relation to reaching your financial and lifestyle goals. We will make suggestions on how to improve your situation. We will determine if the plan has value and determine how to implement the plan.


We will prepare a written plan for you. This plan will outline all of the strategies we will use to help you reach your goals. We will also include any costs associated with the plan at this time. You will agree to the plan or suggest that we make changes that better reflect your goals. Once all is agreed upon we will start transferring assets to Malarik Financial Services for management.

Life by Design Formula

We will prepare the The Life by Design Formula™ binder for you. This tailored package will contain your written plan, all financial accounts and contact information. We will meet on a scheduled basis to review your written plan and update your binder. We will then determine if we are providing the services to help you reach your goals. If not, adjustments will be made.